The following are some significant victories that attorneys at McQueen & Ashman LLP have achieved:

  • Our firm recently obtained a summary judgment ruling in federal court, defeating a $17 million counterclaim for fraud.
  • We settled a federal case involving alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition, obtaining compensation for our client of approximately $25 million.
  • Our attorneys settled a trademark matter in which the foreign defendant agreed to cease using the disputed trademark and ship $1 million of infringing product out of the United States.
  • Our firm won a 16-day jury trial on behalf of a developer, obtaining significant damages and attorneys’ fees.
  • Our attorneys defeated a $5 million trademark claim after a court trial in San Diego federal court.
  • In a fraudulent inducement case involving the sale of a business in Orange County, we convinced the jury that our client should be relieved of an obligation to pay $2 million for the business, and also obtained compensatory damages of $765,000, plus our client’s attorneys’ fees.
  • In a case in which the seller of an airport made fraudulent representations about how much income could be generated by the property, we obtained a jury verdict that relieved the buyer of the obligation of paying the remaining balance of the purchase price, plus compensatory damages of $1.25 million dollars.
  • We obtained a $1.4 million settlement in a patent infringement case after prevailing before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
  • We obtained a $1.1 million jury verdict against the City of Phoenix on a finding of arbitrary and capricious acts under the Federal Relocation Act in an eminent domain case.
  • Our attorneys successfully obtained a writ from the California Court of Appeals reinstating a mechanic’s lien of $2.4 million.
  • We settled a shareholders’ derivative suit brought against a corporation and its director in which plaintiffs sought $135 million in damages. The final settlement was $125,000, paid entirely by the insurance company, and we successfully obtained insurance coverage for the costs of defense as well (our client paid nothing).
  • After defeating a motion for injunctive relief, our attorneys settled a false advertising/unfair competition case in federal court against a client, which had the number one infomercial in the United States at the time (netting over $100 million in sales). The suit sought $25 million, but the case was eventually settled after hard-fought litigation for $125,000 shortly before trial.
  • Our attorneys settled an employment case in which the plaintiff alleged that he was terminated in violation of public policy with 100 percent insurance dollars after getting plaintiff and his counsel monetarily sanctioned for discovery misconduct.

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* Disclaimer: The results in these cases were dependent on the facts of each case, and results in any particular case will be dependent upon the specific facts of the case. This information should not be viewed as a guarantee that we can obtain a specific result for you.