Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights & Commercial Debt Collection

Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights & Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys in Irvine

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency matters, including creditors’ rights, debt workouts, and trustee litigation as it pertains to Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 7 liquidations, and assignments for the benefit of creditors.

In state courts, through early types of creditor relief, our attorneys are often able to compel settlements and resolve debt collection matters within 60 days to 90 days rather than waiting until the end of the case which can be a year or more later. Those early types of relief may include: initiating arbitration or filing lawsuits to collect money owed, seeking and obtaining pre-judgment writs of attachment to allow for the seizure of the defendant’s assets and thereby compel an early resolution of the case, seeking and obtaining pre-judgment writs of possession to compel the turnover of assets to secured lenders and after obtaining a writ of attachment, placing a marshall into the defendant’s business to collect funds for our client.

Our creditors’ rights practice also includes the enforcement of judgments and the pursuit of commercial collection matters in both state and federal court. This includes post-judgment subpoenas to obtain financial documents of the judgment debtor and the taking of Judgment Debtor Examinations of defendants to locate and seize assets to satisfy the judgment.

We also represent lenders and corporations in Chapter 11 reorganization and in non-bankruptcy alternatives, debt restructuring, and workout options with secured lenders and other creditors. We also handle a wide range of creditors’ rights related business litigation.

Creditors’ rights litigation victories
Our attorneys represented Owen Healthcare, Inc., a subsidiary of Cardinal Healthcare, in obtaining a $300,000 writ of attachment against a large hospital, which resulted in a settlement and full payment of the amount owed after we began to enforce the writ of attachment by having a marshall installed at the business to seize incoming checks and other assets.

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